Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Sales productivity improvement that delivers results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives sales teams the tools to become more productive and focused on building customer relationships that deliver. Prospects are more informed than ever and often buy based on their own research without interaction with a sales representative. This requires your sales team to become less reactive and to maintain and enhance new and existing customer relationships at every opportunity. Only then can they be sure that they will be part of the conversation at the critical moment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers…

  • Accounts and opportunities – familiar tools and information that will give visibility of key information before each engagement
  • Customer insights – act on prospect buying signals and provide the right message at the right time
  • Planning and management– business intelligence and analytics that will help you lead your sales tem with utmost confidence
  • Collaborative selling – share ideas and successful approaches so that your whole team wins
  • Mobile sales – work anywhere, anytime with seamless support both on and offline
  • Sales analytics – manage KPIs and generate reports that will demonstrate team or individual performance
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    Manufacturing Trends 2015 - Learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM could well be the game changer in who wins an order – and who does not.

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    Ready to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a personalized professional demo? Contact Fullscope today and start the conversation.

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    O'Neal Steel implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and quickly realized significant ROI. Increased growth and reduced response times were just the beginning.

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