Insights For Manufacturers

As a manufacturer you know that embracing technology is key to your organization’s success.  What you may not know is how to use the digital technology available to you to truly transform your organization and become an industry leader.  Our Insights for Manufacturer’s Series is designed to do just that.

Watch these on-demand webinars to hear from our Fullscope execs, Manufacturing experts and a few of our trusted friends at Microsoft, who will demonstrate and discuss technologies that will engage your customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform your products.

Join us to learn:

  • Manufacturing technology trends
  • How Microsoft is enabling Manufacturers to achieve more
  • How Fullscope manufacturing customers have leveraged and benefited from CRM and Dynamics 365 technologies

Manufacturers – Empower your Employees

Are you getting the right information to the right people in the most cost effective manner?  In this session, we provide you with our executive insight and lead a discussion around how to connect your people to the information they need in their roles, so they can manage assets and processes in real time.

Competing in the Digital Age of Manufacturing

Fullscope Managing Director, David Kohar and Microsoft Manufacturing Industry Expert, Sally Frank kicked off our first session!  David and Sally discussed the impact Microsoft technologies are having in the manufacturing industry and how their roadmap will enable manufacturers to achieve more with their businesses – from streamlining existing processes and products to delivering new services and transforming business models.

Manufacturers – Engage your Customers

The customer has more power than ever before.  Watch this session for our executive insight on how Microsoft technologies can help turn this situation into an opportunity for growth by transforming from an asset-focus to a customer-centric organization.

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