10 Tips for a Successful Deployment (based on 15 years’ experience)

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I was recently asked to give input for someone presenting on the top 10 tips for a successful deployment. These 10 came to me quickly. Then I realized I give this advice a lot and I haven’t changed it in the last 10 years, regardless of how much the technology has advanced. Here are my tips for and feel free to reach out directly if you’d like to discuss in detail. Margaret.Wise@zero2ten.com

  1. Keep it Simple- the best deployments ramp up after you go live with users coming back and asking for more
  2. Prepare data before you start the project
  3. Have a core team representing execs and users
  4. Have a CRM owner or team that has ownership of the solution- able to make changes and understand it
  5. Have separate training for mgmt., ensuring they know how to manage their respective business within the business- if they don’t use it to do that, no one will use it
  6. Set the right expectations for the users- what is the business process for CRM- what kind of information are they expected to put in there; ex: ‘what’s the criteria for a lead vs. opp?’ is the process and the expectation is ‘how much detail they should be logging around the opportunity –notes, stages, etc.’
  7. Have a Launch Party- seriously- generate internal excitement through ongoing communication, have a system ‘naming’ contest (my favorite was a bank that named their system The Vault)- engage everyone
  8. Don’t train just once- keep training, hold lunch and learns, email weekly tips and tricks
  9. Have long term support with a partner- questions don’t stop when you go live, have some professional support
  10. Keep looking for ways to continue getting more out of CRM- tip: anywhere someone is using an excel spreadsheet to track information is probably something that could be incorporated in CRM
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