10 Year Anniversary of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In January of this year marks the 10 Year Anniversary that Microsoft CRM 1.0 was introduced into the Market.

In January, 2003 Microsoft Business Solutions shipped Microsoft CRM Version 1.0. By October of that first year, the product had gained significant momentum in North America with 1,000 new customers prior to launching CRM 1.2 in December that went worldwide with 9 different languages.

Today, the solution has been adopted by over 36,000 customers and 2.7 million users and is available in 40 Countries in 40+ languages worldwide.

It has been a great journey that I have personally had the pleasure of being a part of it over the past 10 years. I have met so many great people along the way that there is just far too many to mention in this blog!

Here are some highlights of the last 10 Years:


  • Microsoft ships Microsoft CRM 1.0 in January.
  • I started my Microsoft CRM career at Resolute. We launched with 3 beta customers
  • Microsoft launches Microsoft CRM 1.2 in December.


  • I joined Ascentium to start their CRM Practice.


  • Patrick Lewis and I get the opportunity to work together. I still work alongside him at Zero2Ten and consider him one of my closest friends.
  • Microsoft ships Microsoft CRM 3.0 in December
  • Our first CRM customer at Ascentium, Tourism Whistler is a showcase customer for the CRM 3.0 launch.



  • We acquire Invoke Systems as well as attract a number of many other great people to the CRM team.








What a great ride it has been for the past 10 years. Looking forward to the next 10 even more!

What has been your best memory so far?

David Kohar
David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.
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