3 Ways to leverage Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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One of the ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 delivers a great experience for users is in how it can work with Bing Maps.

Here are 3 different ways to consider leveraging Bing Maps to show the location of your customer data in CRM. If you would prefer to see a short video overview, you can go here: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 with Bing Maps.

  1. On a Company or Contact Form

    This map is out of the box and on the Account and Contact form by default. It maps the address that you put in and displays the location of the record. If you want to get driving directions, simply click on the map and it will take you out to Bing to do so.

  2. On a List View

    With the addition of the Bing Maps Chart Solution and the Zero2Ten Geocode Solution you can map a list of Companies or Contacts in any of their list views. What is particularly valuable is that you can leverage the out of the box filter capabilities. In the example below, I could filter by Contact Type, Age, Date of Application or Organization.

  3. Find Suitable Matches

    Find records in the system based on their radius distance to the target location. In the example below, we are matching Applicants (Contacts) based on their profile to a Job Search. We are doing a search for some Applicants (Contacts) for our customer Coca Cola for a job that they have where they want to find someone within a certain radius of their office that have certain skills. Once the search results are listed, they can then be “Matched” to the Job Search.


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