4 Reasons Prospects Go Quiet

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Prospects and deals fall off the radar and then are forgotten. Yet, these prospects and deals are the most profitable. 80% of prospects who eventually buy were once marked as bad leads or disqualified opportunities.

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Here’s an example. You (and your team) brought your A-Game to the last meeting; and you’re confident you are going to win the deal. Then, crickets…

Your email and phone call attempts to re-connect are being dodged. But why? Here are 4 common reasons prospect go quiet:

  1. A business or personal crisis strikes and they have “checked out”
  2. They are simply too busy, or there’s no real urgency to prioritize this project
  3. The business pivoted, and their needs have changed
  4. Another organization won their business

Play Detective

So, your prospect has gone quiet, but do you just give up? Work through the challenges above by:

  • Defining sales stages
  • Determining where the buyer is in the buying journey
  • Determining the health of your pipeline
  • Track with a CRM solution and update, update, update

Sales pipeline can be tricky for anyone. At the end of the day, you need to deliver simple to understand, actionable insights that are in context of the customer relationship. This How to Overcome 3 Primary Sales Pipeline Challenges eBook can help you define what’s needed to take your pipeline to the next level.

Alison Parker
Alison has a strong background in project management, giving her the ability to really understand her customer’s business. With over 20 years dedicated to customer success through technologies like CRM, she brings both technical and analytical skills to help customers structure their business objectives into actionable outcomes.
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