4 Ways Today’s Professional Service Buyers are Unique

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My colleague, recently wrote an article why your current customer experience won’t work for today’s services buyers. I wanted to expand on the topic a bit more by focusing on 4 key ways that today’s buyers are different.

Let’s dive in!

Number 1: They do Their Research

Today’s buyers are shifting the way in which service firms should be thinking about selling services or goods because they approach the sales cycle differently.

Today’s buyers:

  • Love to learn and they absolutely embrace technology
  • Use various methods for researching services including using tools like click to chat and texting
  • Rely on social media and their social networks for brand recommendations, customer reviews and product tutorials
  • Like to consume as much information about what it is that they’re looking to purchase before making a decision

Why Professional Service Firms Are Changing the Way They Interact With Customers

Number 2: They Prefer not to Talk to Sales or Support People

You simply cannot overlook this detail – buyers don’t want to engage with sales and support representatives. In fact, they prefer to conduct most of their research without any human interaction.

They essentially want to conduct their research, evaluate the service or product, and then engage with a brand.

Any interactions in the interim with sales or support representatives are viewed as unnecessary and wasted steps in the sales cycle.

Number 3: They Expect Personalized Service

Today’s buyers have been raised in a world where technology knows who they are – a world where Amazon recommends what they should buy, Netflix suggests which movies to watch and Yelp shows which foods to eat.

When today’s consumers interact with your brand, they expect you to know them. They expect you to:

  • Know their preferences
  • Know their purchase history
  • Make recommendations as to what they should purchase

Consumers also often share purchasing preferences and habits through social media and with so much information available publicly, it’s important that brands capture this information and use it to personalize key touch points.

Number 4: They are Vocal about Their Brand Experiences

Today’s consumers are connected to technology and given their use of social media, brands should expect consumers to be vocal about their customer experiences.

Progressive service firms are using tools like social listening to monitor brand sentiment. By monitoring the online conversation in real-time, you can engage in the conversation proactively instead of reactively.

Gone are the days when a customer will simply submit a complaint request or call an 800 number.  When there’s an issue with your service or product, today’s buyers will complain publicly. You must have processes in place to address customers concerns, regardless of the channel they use to voice those concerns.

Conversely, social media also provides a great amplification platform for firms that deliver a great customer experience. It’s important that service firms recognize the important role that technology plays in the lives of today’s buyers and consider how a positive or negative customer experience may be vocalized broadly.

Be sure to watch this webinar for more on this subject – How to Create an Amazing Client Experience Every Time: Best Practices for Professional Services Firms.

Hugh Houlston
Hugh is an Account Manager and has been working with Dynamics CRM since 2012. He has particular experience working with organisations in professional services, private equity & consulting. Hugh’s chief focus is to look after Fullscope’s existing client base throughout the UK.
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