86% of small businesses want to keep up with technology, what’s stopping them? Can Cloud be the answer?

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A recent survey of businesses in the US shows that most small businesses feel the need to keep up with technology, but many have yet to adopt the cloud.* (Microsoft blog http://msft.so/C42764)


Why are some far more nimble and knowledgeable about new technology than others?

The Microsoft Office team put that question — and many more — to hundreds of businesses that operate with 500 or fewer employees to measure familiarity with modern technology. The results may surprise you.

86% of small businesses say keeping up with technology is important to their business, but 60 percent surveyed do not use cloud technologies. The survey, commissioned by Microsoft Corp. and conducted by Imposes Public Affairs, also said 60 percent of these smaller businesses attribute increased revenue to technology, but 10 percent are not even familiar with the cloud.

That means small-business owners have a lot on their plates. Having a nimble approach to business helps owners stay competitive — and part of that is being able to access data and tools using multiple devices from any location. But often, the owners themselves not only develop the strategies to keep up with their evolving business landscape and new customer demands, but they are also left to run the entire show behind the scenes, from finance to HR to IT management.

It’s easy to understand that lack of time and technical expertise would make it overwhelming to adopt new technologies. In addition, small-business owners note the following three concerns that keep them from keeping up with the latest technologies

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