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Give your sales team more time selling and they’ll be able to sell more. Sounds logical, right? Unfortunately, for many sales people they are burdened with far too many non-selling activities and are only able to focus on selling for fewer than 11 hours a week. Results of a recent study show that the average Sales professional works 48 hours per week and is only able to spend 22% of their time selling1.  The rest of their time is split up between planning, order processing, customer service, administrative tasks and even less productive activities, such as travel and meals.

A Few Ways to Find More Time (for Selling)

  • Allocate administrative activities to support staff. With shared access to information about prospects, customers and partners you can assign specific tasks to other team members and allow sales reps to focus on more revenue generating activities.
  • Engage sales reps with prospects at the appropriate time. Modern pre-sales methods allow for marketing and business development staff to generate and then nurture prospects as they investigate their purchase options. With Microsoft’s Sales Productivity Bundle you can adhere to a method that would keep sales reps focused on those prospects who are ready for a sales conversation and eliminate the time spent on prospecting work, such as cold calling.
  • Streamline order processes to reduce time spent taking orders. For example, provide sales reps with proposals that are easier to draft and customize. Allow for electronic signatures instead of requiring a faxed copy.  With Dynamics CRM and Office 365 you can set up sales agreements that are easy to send, easy to receive, and easy to track and report.
  • Standardize communication with management and cut planning time in half. With a standard frequency to review pipelines, discuss industry news and look ahead at upcoming trigger events sales rep can effectively communicate in far less time. By using Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Power BI you can create powerful, meaningful reports to visually display all sales related activities. With accurate, real-time data just one click away your discussions will be more focused and take less time.

With some minor adjustments to your operations and by using the leading sales technology bundle from Microsoft you can give your sales reps more time to sell. Learn more about Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Power BI in our live webinar on December 11th at 11 am EDT.

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1 – Pace Productivity, Inc.

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