A Peet’s Coffee or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

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I was thinking today about the value of the CRM Cloud Solution from Microsoft as I was sipping on my awesome cup of coffee from Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I realized that my cup of coffee was the same price as what the daily cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is for a user that can help them improve their selling, marketing and servicing of their customers.

Now that is a powerful comparison.

For those that know me, know that I am a coffee connoisseur but Microsoft releasing additional social, mobile, BI and tight integration with Office 365 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online it has become even a better value for organizations that want a great Cloud CRM solution.

So, here is my newest formula for improved sales productivity:


David Kohar
David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.
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