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CRM Enables Accountants to:

  • Capture Client Conversations
  • Boost Productivity
  • Get Real Value from your existing resources

One of the best ways to improve organizational performance is to deploy integrated applications to provide a 360-degree view of clients and projects to facilitate decision-making eg booking resource or re-allocating resource.

Accountancy is a relied-upon partner in any client relationship. Increasingly, clients feel it is important that the provision of vital accountancy services they need for resource and productivity planning is driven by the latest CRM applications and data analytics technology.

360-degree view of clients and projects

Streamlined access and interoperability between sales, delivery and finance is fast becoming a business essential. Improvement of the organisational performance of your practice can be achieved by a strategy of integrated applications. CRM for Accountants provides a 360-degree view of clients and projects, and enables better, everyday decision-making when booking or re-allocating resources.

Ways that Accountancy CRM can deliver what clients expect from you

  • Relationship analytics – always know who is talking to who and what is being discussed.
  • Bid tracking and control – increased bid responsiveness, improved quality and collaboration.
  • On-boarding new clients – precise management across the entire client journey.
    Directing services – and scheduling the service delivery.
  • Improve productivity – increasing the number of concurrent projects managed by each individual.

Transforming the capabilities of CRM for accountants

Data analytics is transforming the capabilities of accountancy CRM, as the profession moves from “manual” spreadsheet or paper-based operations toward integrated and single user-interface solutions. Analytic technologies deliver crucial new insight while pinpointing unusual data patterns to highlight potential risks and concerns.

Best practice performance to client expectation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) increasingly depends upon Project Service Automation (PSA) to drive client service solutions with the desired business outcomes of increased revenue and reduced costs. Integration between CRM, PSA and core financials not only provides visibility to all parts of an organisation, it is now an indispensable ingredient for delivering best practice performance to client expectation.

From quoting, planning and managing to completing and invoicing

Project Service Automation (PSA) enables your practice to have full scope control – from quoting, planning and managing the work according to the plan – to completing the work and invoicing. The ability to report at each and every stage is essential to determining the health of the organisation and taking corrective action. Crucially, PSA is seamlessly integrated with your current legacy system and does not need to be replaced.

Desired business outcomes by supporting operational goals

Dedicated Accountancy CRM data analytics offers practice professionals access to FOUR critical capability enablers:

  • Customer Insight – a complete history, with connected, segment information, knowledge base, and social listening info.
  • Business Insight and Drivers – real-time connected data view with dashboard reporting, including sales.
  • Process Optimisation and Automation – Optimised delivery process, knowledge capture, automated data reporting, collaboration tools, task-centred applications and common user interface.
  • IT – legacy system integration with configuration based system administration, pre-built framework and platform testing.

Accountancy CRM and the “power of connected data” to drive efficiency –
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