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One of the most personally rewarding aspects for me working in the technology industry is the fast pace at which change and innovation drives efficiency and results. The speed at which organizations are able to capitalize on opportunities, adapt their business process and drive innovation and thought leadership can make or break a company in today’s economic environment. Four years ago Zero2Ten saw an opportunity for new business models supporting cloud technologies. The opportunity to save organizations from long, drawn out implementations of these solutions and instead focus on agility, simplicity and results would become fundamental values to the operations of the company. Zero2Ten has taken a lot of pride in being a fast moving company and helping other organizations with similar characteristics.

So how does Zero2Ten think about some of the characteristics of a fast moving company?

Solution focus – In the early days of CRM many of the vendors focused on delivering feature after feature. What we came to realize is that when these features were looked at by themselves, the focus was lost on a solution that actually drove productivity & adoption. Fast Moving Companies think about driving simplicity in their technology applications to enhance user adoption, not about releasing 100 page RFP’s with checkboxes for countless, unrelated features. Companies such as General Cable have taken this approach with their CRM implementations & seen quick success. For more on their story, visit

Need Immediate ROI – Companies no longer implement technology just for the sake of implementing it. Every project has to drive ROI & be sponsored by a line of business within the organization. Sales and marketing tools such as InsideView & CoreMotives sitting inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online combined with the right business process help create a balanced recipe for success. Fast Moving Companies have a collective goal of driving a fast return on investment from their applications & implementation projects.

Technology Adoption – The Consumerization of IT has driven an incredible amount of choice and productivity gains to the modern professional. Affordable cloud technologies, mobile phones & tablets are all around us today virtually removing the walls between professional and consumer technologies. Fast Moving Companies embrace these new technologies and constantly look for different ways to leverage the technology. Our firm has a few people trying to ditch their laptops and move exclusively to tablets!

Growth Through Acquisition – Sometimes the quickest way to gain market share or expand is through acquisition. Consolidating different business models and systems puts an enhanced focused on efficiency to drive ROI from the acquisition itself. Fast Moving Companies who are growing through acquisition appreciate the simplicity and agility of rapid deployments of these new systems!

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