Are your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online launch plans realistic?

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CRM takes effort. It takes love. Why? Because CRM is — strike that– should be a living, breathing enhancement to your business processes. But if  you expect CRM to magically solve all kinds of problems for your business with no effort whatsoever, well, I’ll let Christopher J. Bucholtz break the news. I found his blog and started following him this week. Here’s why I’ll start reading regularly:

1) His article this week, “3 Painfully Common Misuses of CRM,” boldly identifies that some (ok, many) CRM deployments are given as much resources as we give thought to the idea unicorns are real. Follow? It was bold, and unfortunately true, if not amusing. He only could have made this better by cross-referencing magical leoplurodons.

2) He metaphorically called CRM a cudgel. Elicits a great point. CRM should not be ammo! If Sales “Leadership” is using this tool to tear down their team, that’s symptomatic of something else going on in the company culture.

3) He smartly identified CRM isn’t meant to be a static database – instead, it should be a living breathing enhancement to your business processes. A good, flexible solution can mold around how you work.

Let’s recap. Is your team:

1) Planning for resources in order to properly deploy
CRM with respect to any necessary configuration, training, and ongoing support/education?

2) Planning to use CRM together as a team to enhance collaboration and multiply efforts?

3) Preparing to measure CRM goals so you know how CRM is impacting your business and retain sponsorship for growing its expand value in your organization?

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