Business Edition and Extensible & Scalable Application Platform – Dynamics 365 Next Release

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Business Edition and Extensible and Scalable Application Platform are the last two of the top five themes of the new Dynamics 365 release.

The key features focus for the introduction of Dynamics 365 for sales, business edition, are accounts and contacts, leads and opportunities, quote to cash, mobile, productivity, simplified setup, sales, measure sales effectiveness, lead conversation, and drive revenue. These features contain simplified on-boarding and setup with integrations to Exchange, tailor app easily to the customer business, easy account and contact management, simple lead to cash, and are built on the same extensible platform as Dynamics 365.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing, the upgrades are through the functional areas and azure services.

  • The functional areas are multi-channel campaigns, email marketing, marketing pages and forms, lead management, event management, and reports & dashboards.
  • The Azure services there are customer insights, marketing services, and other services.

Within the marketing functional area, the introduction of event management is coming. This tool will help the user plan, launch, and close each of their events. From the agenda, presenters, and sponsorship to marketing discovery, guest logistics, catering, venue logistics, and approvals to registration and attendance tracking to lead generation, post-event feedback, and revenue, there is everything you need to help make the event run smoothly.

In the scalable application platform, the App Modules are simple, purpose-built and easy to build. The monolithic User Interface is simplified, the app modules are task based that modularize the User Interface, and there is a new SiteMap Designer in the app module. There is also a new separation of solutions. From V8 to V9, the “System” has changed to more App/Plat separation.

The features included in the business edition and application platform are in place to help both sales and marketing teams run much more smoothly.

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