CRM vBook

‘Don’t Settle for User Adoption’

Placing your Business Outcomes at the Center of your CRM Strategy is the key to moving beyond having your users merely “Adopt” the solution, to a place where they become empowered by it!

This informative vBook series has been created to help you learn more about the Zero2Ten’s unique approach to CRM and give an overview of each of the key elements in our immersive engagement methodology.

CHAPTER 1 – Business outcomes

Presented by: Paul Colella

CHAPTER 2 – Industry expertise

Presented by: Paul Colella

CHAPTER 3 – CORE methodology

Presented by: Patrick Lewis

CHAPTER 4 – Adopt2Win

Presented by: Paul Colella

CHAPTER 5 – CRM University

Presented by: Patrick Lewis


Presented by: Paul Colella

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    ZDNet looks at the three big reasons CRM initiatives fail and examines important reasons for this unfortunate situation.

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    Ready to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a personalized professional demo? Contact Fullscope today and start the conversation.

  • Zero2Ten-CTA-Blog-Gen


    Taking User Adoption to the Next Level for CRM. David Kohar looks at attaining Outcome Adoption with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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