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There is a new wave in Marketing that I fully embrace. It’s called Cause Marketing and it’s about companies doing good and getting credit for it. I think one of the best well known examples of this is Oprah, if you think of Oprah as a brand as I do. Oprah has made tremendously wonderful contributions around the globe and she has also made sure everyone knew about it as well. Compare this to the Gates Foundation, which has made even more impressive contributions but is relatively disparate from the Microsoft brand. Personally, I think if Cause Marketing is a way to have more corporations contribute their human or monetary resources, I am all for it. Other examples include Dawn donating dish detergent to help clean up animals from the oil spill and Tide donating cleaning supplies for Hurricane Katrina. Other companies, like Target and Publix, give back to their local schools and communities. This encourages incredible loyalty and key fobs galore, and is certainly a win-win for everyone. Other companies sponsor their employees to donate a percentage of paid time to use for volunteering, another very valuable way to make a difference in local communities and wearing team t-shirts furthers the brand while doing good. Another bonus: employees feel great about themselves and their companies.

This burgeoning trend is here to stay so why not figure out a way to help in your community while building brand and loyalty at the same time?

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