Create Better Reports to Make Better Decisions

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As any manager will tell you, access to great data is the key to making better decisions. Since there are no crystal balls, managers need to think about the decisions they have to make and how to identify and aggregate the most meaningful, useful data so they can make the best possible decisions.

Better Reports Lead to Better Decisions

So what goes into a Better Report? Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What decisions do you routinely make? Simply make a list. By starting here and working backward you’ll likely discover that some of your important decisions are made on intuition rather than on identifiable patterns in your data.
  • What data do you currently use? Armed with a refreshed list of your most commonly made decisions you can now see if there are any gaps in the data.
  • What is the appropriate frequency for reviewing the data? If you look at your numbers too often you may be sabotaging your own decisions. Sometimes you need to allow time to pass for the numbers to hold more meaning. Likewise, waiting too long to review could lead to poor decisions.
  • Where does the data come from? Does your CRM provide the data? Are your business productivity tools integrated with your CRM? Although your data may come from a variety of origins it’s important to confirm that all the data is properly aggregated into one report.
  • What reports do you use to bring visibility to the data? Having the right data identified and aligned with the decisions you make is important for making better decisions. To get more immediate use of the data and to more easily share it, you should consider how to best visually display the data in colorful, interactive dashboards and reports.

With Power BI you can access your reports from anywhere at any time. Now being offered as part of Microsoft’s Sales Productivity Bundled including Dynamics CRM and Office 365. Learn more about this powerful bundle please contact us and schedule a time with one of our specialists.


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