Creating and Viewing Lists of Connections in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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The Connections functionality is a great new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The question is “Where do you see a list view of these Connections that you have created?”

The answer is that they can be created and viewed in Advanced Find.

Here is a quick overview:

You have created some “Connections” already.

In this case, Jamie is:

  1. A board member at Adidas Corporation
  2. A referral from Bill

Go to Advanced Find

Once you open up Advanced Find:

  1. “Look for” – Connections
  2. You can also start with a View that has already been created like “Active Connections”
  3. Change or add to your criteria if you like by clicking on the “Select” picklist


Edit Your Views

Click on “Edit Columns”

  1. Click on “Add Columns” to add more columns to your view from the Connections Record Type
  2. If you want to add a field from one of the Related Connections like the email address for all the Connected To Contacts, simply click on the “Record Type” picklist and select the relevant record type. In my case, I wanted to show the email address of the contact of the “Connected To”, so I selected “Connected To (Contact)” and then selected the Email field on the Contact record (see 2nd screen shot).


See your Results

Click on “Results”

  1. This will display the results of your search criteria + your column layout that you created.
  2. You can see the complete set of “Connections” along with the email address (in this example) of the “Connected To” if it is a Contact


Save Your View

Go back to the Advanced Find Tab and click on “Save As”

  1. Save your newly created View with a “Name”
  2. Click on “Saved Views” and you will see your newly created View on the list

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