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Did you know your subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online *includes lead capture forms that you can use to get data in CRM directly from your customers?

This post will walk you through the basic functionality, and how to setup your own landing pages in less time than it takes to read this blog!

(*up to 10 landing pages at any time and can capture up to 5000 Internet Leads per day)


In CRM navigate to Marketing > Internet Lead Capture and click on Get Started

The system will take a few minutes to setup this feature and tell you once it’s complete.

Upon completion, CRM Online will have Internet Lead Capture enabled, and you will see the dashboard shown below.

Since you have no data yet the dashboard is empty, but it’s a ‘at-a-glance’ place to see:

  • All your landing pages
  • How many leads each page has generated
  • Charts to show the same data points graphically

Click Create a new landing page.


You are given two options here:

  • Create a lead capture page
  • Lead capture form
    • This is a little more advanced, and for use by a website developer.
    • This generates HTML code for your existing website that you can add, so you get a lead capture form on your site, and not a standalone site.

Today, you just want a standalone page to get familiar with the functionality, so click Create Page.

Here you select the cosmetics for your landing page:

  • What the URL should be
  • What the layout should be
  • The basic color scheme.

Click Next, here all the fields on your lead form are listed on the left, (custom and out of the box) and you select which one’s you want on your lead capture form on the right.

You can also update the display order to move them up or down your form.

This page is where you can brand you landing page with a logo or custom image as well.

In the image below you see we selected a few fields for our landing page, and uploaded a logo.

Once complete, you click Save and CRM will generate your page for you.

Shown below is the page we just created, with the fields we added, and the logo we uploaded, you can copy and paste the URL to this page and use it to collect leads right away!


Once your form is online, and collecting leads, you can log back into your Internet Lead Capture Dashboard, and see statistics for your landing pages.



Finally, you get a list of all the leads that were collected, here you can triage the leads, and begin your normal sales process.


This is a very powerful tool that we just scratched the surface of today, but without any developer effort you can fully take advantage of these features today.

Happy Lead Capturing!


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