CRM 2011 Online Localization – Enable a new language

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Did you know CRM 2011 Online can be localizable for many languages within a few clicks and at no extra cost? Here’s how!

This post is broken into 3 Parts:

When you create your CRM Online organization you select the default the language, this language cannot be changed, and when you create new user they will start out with that as their language. In the image below we are logged into a CRM 2011 instance with a default language of English.

You can enable more languages for your users by logging in as a system administrator and doing the following:

Navigate to Settings > Administration > Languages > Select the language you want > Click Apply


Once you click Apply CRM will enable the selected languages for your new organization.

Once enabling is complete, the UI will return to the same screen but with an updated status of Enabled for any language that you just turned on.

That’s it! Now your users can change their Language to any of the newly enabled languages.

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