Custom Activities vs. Custom Entities

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In Microsoft CRM it’s so easy to add new entities (record types) to our structure that often becomes the method of choice for solving just about every problem we run into and it usually works! What is often overlooked is the new Custom Activity option that is now available. When I think of new Entities I think of “things” when I think of new Activities I think of events and that is usually the first step in deciding which one to use. The cool thing about Custom Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is that the system does a ton of work in the background so you don’t have to. In a matter of minutes you can go from thinking about how to track a certain type of transaction or “event” to having a customized model to work with and build on.

I can’t tell you the number of customers who have asked about a simple yet effective way to manage their Account Review process – the way they manage their relationships with customers to avoid the mad rush to renew them at the end of the year. I was thinking about this very problem when I put together the video below. There are others way to get to the same result, but in terms of ease and simplicity I don’t think it can be beat.

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Patrick Lewis
As the Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success, Patrick has more than 25 years in customer relationship management. He’s worked across Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sports, and Financial Services industries. Patrick’s primary areas of focus are organizational change management, and business process.
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