Customer Insights and Relationship Sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Customer insights and relationship sales are two of the top five themes of the new Dynamics 365 release, July 2017.

Customer insights are gaining a refresh with Customer 360 enhancements, predictive match, predictive scoring, segmentation, data inflow, and insights outflow.

  • Predictive match is matching activities or profiles with customers using contextual info. It is inferred links and relationships between the user’s data.
  • Predictive scoring is where users can predict any business outcome with advanced ML & AL, and plan efficient follow-ups with grading.
  • Segmentation is where users can identify the right audience for their customers and leverage the complete customer journey to create cohorts.
  • The DCI data flow transforms big data into insights.
  • Organization Insights drive adoption, monitor storage, and troubleshoots effectively which are benefits for the customers.

Relationship sales includes enhancements to social engagement. The enhancements include a social selling assistant, Power BI integration, conversations, and sources.

  • Social selling assistant empowers salespeople to sell more with personalized recommendations.
  • Power BI integration allows users to get insights about engagement and team performance on social media.
  • Conversations are enhanced by being able to view the full thread between the user and any customer on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Improved sources lets users engage on YouTube channels and LinkedIn pages.

The Data Connector for Dynamics 365 is an easy mechanism to ingest data. It includes auto discovery of Dynamics 365 online entities and relationships with intuitive guidance to select entities and map to DCI data types. It is consistent and continuous with near real-time data sync and metadata change capture.

The enhancements that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is bringing to customer insights and relationship sales are going to greatly change how your business can connect to your customers.

Interested in learning more about Relationship Selling? You can take a look at Microsoft’s NEW Relationship Sales Solution and other related resources HERE.

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