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Company: Consolidated Container Company

Industry: Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

Company Overview: Consolidated Container Company (CCC) is a leading supplier of rigid plastic packaging solutions to national, regional and local customers across North America. As one of the largest blow molding companies with diverse technology platforms and broad geographic coverage, CCC can deliver reliable and cost-effective packaging solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and markets


Use of CRM: CCC is using CRM as a sales productivity and sales management effectiveness solution.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping the Sales Team more effectively manage the sales cycle and improve the qualification process. This has led to fewer deals needing to be “re-qualified”.

CCC originally started with CRM back in 2010 with a focus on getting an initial Sales Automation solution in place. In 2011, CCC wanted to start leveraging CRM to improve their sales performance and turned to Zero2Ten to help them align their optimal sales performance to the solution.

“We wanted to really look at how we could support the sales organization manage a more optimal sales process and provide them better insight into the deals that they were working on. The key was to focus on process first, then the technology,” said Beth Duncan, CIO, CCC.

The Z2T/CCC Project team focused on engaging the sales team on the sales process and the delivery team on technical options in order to drive a high level of buy in for CRM. As a result, the sales team has been able to spend more time working on the best qualified deals and that has resulted in better win rates for the organization and the Sales Management Team has moved from hypothesis based management to fact based management.

“We knew that we needed to create a solution that was appropriate for the given user scenarios. The Z2T Team was very creative at delivering on the business requirements while still making the solution easy to use” said John Lange, Director of IT, CCC.

CCC can now:

  1. Accurately measure wins and losses
  2. Understand better why they are winning or losing
  3. Measure how well they qualified an opportunity
  4. Improved Win Rates
  5. Reduce kick back from 20% of proposals to 4% through improved qualification and collaboration

Voice of Customer: “We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it would be the easiest solution for our team to adopt,” said Beth Duncan. “We selected Zero2Ten because we wanted a partner who would be excellent at balancing business process while optimizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution.”

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