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Industry: Marketing and Technology Consulting

Company Overview: Derflan is a consulting company dedicated to advancing clients forward in core areas of their business, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. Organizations turn to Derflan when a business need arises—whether it is with formulating their marketing strategy or driving project management and marketing execution. Derflan provides objective, thoughtful, and experienced results.

Use of CRM: Derflan is using CRM as a sales productivity and client forecast solution.

Derflan is a Fast Moving Company where their exponential growth was causing opportunities to “slip through the cracks”. As the delivery and sales teams grew there was no easy way to manage the continuous relationship with a client and ensure that the next logical project with them was both identified and followed up on proactively.

CRM is helping the sales team identify the gaps in their client engagements and allow them to quickly focus on filling those gaps. Having better visibility and management of the next logical client engagement allowed the Derflan sales team to immediately increase their pipeline by 30% when they rolled out their sales strategy and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Derflan can now:

  1. Get a full picture of opportunities across all clients
  2. Track existing client engagements and satisfaction
  3. Identify the client engagement gaps in their pipeline
  4. Proactively fill the gaps and increase the pipeline by 30%

Voice of the Customer: “We wanted to better manage our client relationships by first looking at our existing contracts, then identify the next logical engagement for that client and finally ensure that we had an opportunity in place to proactively develop that next thread of work” said John Diefendorf, Principal, Derflan, Inc. “Zero2Ten worked with us to ensure that we leveraged CRM to support this business development strategy and make the rollout a business success”.

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David Kohar
David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.
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