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Industry: Electronic Components & Manufacturing

General Cable, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Highland Heights, Kentucky, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets around the world. The Company offers competitive strengths in such areas as breadth of product line, brand recognition, distribution and logistics, sales and service, and operating efficiency.

Use of CRM:

General Cable has rolled out Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 250 users across eight different sales teams in North America. The solution is helping the team increase sales productivity by better managing and following up with prospects and customers and stay on top of their pipeline.

The team has been able to spend more time selling by reducing time spent on administration, prioritizing which deals to work on the most as well as onboarding new sales members more quickly based on improved interaction tracking with customers and partners.

“CRM has made it easier for my team to prioritize where to spend their time and has given them increased visibility into how they are meeting their sales goals. It has also given me a way to reinforce our sales process,” said Steve Stanford, VP of Sales, Specialty Market, General Cable.

The management team has been able to provide more effective coaching to help the team identify new strategies to move deals through the pipeline more quickly.

“Since I can see the status of every opportunity, CRM enables me to make recommendations to the team that they may not have thought of trying on a particular deal to move it along more quickly,” said Craig Snyder, VP of Sales, OEM, General Cable.

General Cable can now:

  1. Better qualify opportunities more quickly in the sales cycle
  2. Reduce the time spent preparing reports by over 25%
  3. Stay on top of opportunities by both sales and sales management
  4. Reduce the time spent onboarding new hires by 50%
  5. Provide key information to customers at any time from our inside sales team.

Doing CRM Right – General Cable followed these three key principles in making sure that the company had a successful implementation:

  1. Direct participation from sales leadership in driving how the solution would be most valuable to the sales team
  2. The leadership of the IT team to get the solution done quickly and take ownership of supporting the solution moving forward
  3. Keeping the solution simple and familiar to what the team was already using for Phase 1 in order to drive adoption and then build on the adoption to help improve sales productivity

“After doing a lot of research, we made certain we were going to follow the three key principles for getting CRM right at General Cable,” said Cheryl Stevens, General Cable’s Director of Technology. “The team did an incredible job of getting the initial solution up and running quickly and effectively, training our sales team for Phase 1. Adoption was critical out of the gate and now that we have everyone using CRM in the sales organization, we keep adding new capabilities that continue to help the team be more productive.”

“We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it would be the most intuitive solution for our team to adopt.” said Brian Moriarty, General Cable Vice President North American Sales. “We selected Zero2Ten because we wanted a partner who would ensure that we stay focused on how to leverage CRM to make our team more productive, not just come in and implement features we thought we wanted.”

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