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Industry: Consumer Services

Company Overview: Up to 30% of seasonal homes have something happen during the homeowner’s absence. An undetected water leak or malfunctioning Air Conditioner can cause huge damage. Our goal is to identify situations in the early stages, before DAMAGE becomes DISASTER. Your Home Watch Professionals™ takes the business of watching your home seriously. It’s our profession and our passion, not a part time job or add-on service.

Use of CRM: Your Home Watch Professionals is looking at CRM in 2 primary phases:

Phase 1: Deep Contact Profiling – The focus for phase 1 has been to improve the profiling and tracking of client preferences in order to better serve them, track and attach emails to clients through Microsoft outlook and begin to co-ordinate sub-contractors for specialized services and to follow up with them more effectively. This phase was completed after attending the Learning Labs Program.

Phase 2: Business Process Management and Client Lead Management – The focus for this phase is on tracking the entire Home Watching Customer Process in CRM to improve the overall management of the business as well as to more effectively manage lead conversion.

Results: Initial results have come from responding to client requests more quickly with better contact profiling and customer data.

Voice of the Customer: “After spending months searching for an application with the ability to capture client information specific to Your Home Watch Company, and costing out custom software, I came across Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It has been such an amazing product and the potential is terrific. This enables us to easily keep track of a broad spectrum of client account information that is crucial for our company” Jennifer Rosenthal, COO, Your Home Watch Professionals. “The Learning Labs Program from Zero2Ten was ideal for jump starting our project. We found the sessions to be very informative and it was exceptionally valuable to be able to ask specific questions of a seasoned CRM architect. Within 2 weeks of attending the Program we were able to get phase 1 of our project launched.”

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