Dynamics 2013: A Sales View

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I just attended the launch of Dynamics 2013 in New York at the Guggenheim. What an exciting morning led by Jamie Tozzi and guest speaker, Barbara Giamanco!

I’ve been working with Dynamics 2013 for a couple of months now and want to share 3 of my favorite new features.

  1. Social Insights: I’m very excited by our prospects’ response to the new Social Insights powered by InsideView. Prospects and Customers are really seeing the value of this powerful tool. They are using it to generate and import lead lists for lead generation. They are seeing ways that all of their sales team can use the social media integration to search for and create connections and insights with their customers to shorten their sales cycles by building credibility and value. Think of it as ‘shortcut selling’ (but in a good way J).
  2. Mobile: I’ve had a Surface tablet for about 3 months now and I’ve surprised myself by letting my iPad gather dust. I love the way I can now, truly and finally, have one tablet for work and fun. I love the new mobile app included in the Dynamics 2013 licenses (free!). It’s a completely new and improved experience over the old mobile express option. It is touch enabled for the tablets everyone uses and works across browsers, so yes, you can use it on your iPad if you haven’t scored a Surface yet.
  3. Process Driven Workflow- Every single prospect and customer I’ve talked to wants to support best practices in selling along with a quick and easy way to see how an opportunity is progressing. Process flow ‘bars’ in CRM do exactly that. As a side note, couple this with Zero2Ten’s Sales Analysis Dashboards and you truly have a Sales BI tool at your fingertips. You can measure reps, products, territory performances, measure times between sales steps and where you are losing deals in the sales process, and measure benchmarks for win conversions.

Enjoy Dynamics 2013 and Happy Selling!

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