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There’s a new Dynamics 365 app that will auto-install in your Outlook the next time you reopen Outlook.  The app works in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016, but appears differently in each version. You can also use the Dynamics 365 app from your Office 365 Outlook which you can get to using this link.

If you are not able to connect to Dynamics 365 using the icon from your laptop, please clear your Internet Explorer browsing history.  If you are using Outlook right from Office 365, please clear the browsing history of the web browser version you are using.

When Dynamics 365 app has been installed in Outlook 2016, you will now see Dynamics 365 as shown below in the top toolbar as well as Track and Untrack using Outlook 2016.  You will not see Track and Set Regarding when using Outlook 2013 in the top toolbar but you will view it inside the email.

When you want to track an email to CRM, you can still use track in the Outlook toolbar or you can open Dynamics 365 in the email to track. You can also check to see if the recipients are in CRM.

In the email, you can click on the blue insignia shown above to open Dynamics 365. A small popup on the right hand side will open. You can view the status of the contact as well track or untrack the email. In the example below on the left, I see that my contact, Chris Weilandt is a user in CRM and it provides his user information.

In the example above on the right, I opened Dynamics 365 and found + Add to Dynamics 365 to add the contact to CRM.

Please reach out to the Fullscope team for any questions on this topic or others relating to Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 functionality.

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