Feature of the Day: “View in CRM” – Activity Management via Outlook Integration – Dynamics CRM 2011

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If you have a plethora of tasks to complete on any given day (who doesn’t?), there is a great option with respect to how you can easily connect to-do lists for aggregate activity management. Note some users prefer to execute directly from the activity list in the Workplace area of CRM, as shown here. This allows you to focus on just CRM items.

By contrast, I personally prefer to use Outlook as my “home base.” The tight integration between Outlook and Dynamics CRM means I can keep an eye on pressing Outlook tasks and my CRM priority items. To start, I enter all my accounts and opportunities’ activities directly in CRM, then take advantage of how they’ll automatically “push” to my task area in Outlook.

Once this happens (CRM activities in task list appear with the dual person icon), I have everything in one easy-to-view place and the productivity magic can begin. Calls to be made, emails in need of response, appointments I need to schedule, my personal appointments – everything is here!

One of the single biggest reasons I work this way is because I (a) have visibility into everything needing attention while (b) I can easily pop open the CRM interface via a single click. The “View in CRM” button (see giant red arrow) launches the corresponding window for each CRM item, as shown below. The CRM window provides options I would not otherwise see working directly from Outlook such as options to run workflows, run reports, or add the item to a queue.

I hope you’ll find the “View in CRM” button to be as useful as I do for streamlining and prioritizing on the busiest of days in the office. Warning to fellow type-A personalities: this capacity for organization is addictive!


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