Five Cool features in Microsoft CRM 2011

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CRM is packed full of features, and tricks to increase your productivity and make using the product even more rewarding. Today we will briefly look at five that are sometimes less obvious, but still very powerful! So without further ado… Here are five cool features of Dynamics CRM 2011.

Recently Visited Pane

Inside the wunderbar (the main outlook style left navigation bar) there is a folder icon with a star on it. This commonly overlooked gem contains 2 columns of history inside:

  1. Recently viewed records
    1. This can be anything, reports, accounts contacts you name it!
  2. Recently viewed Views
    1. Again this can be any views that you have used recently.

What makes this feature jump from good to great is, by clicking on any of the pushpins and turning them green, you can “lock in” your favorites! (Shown above) Now there will always be a shortcut to your favorite records!


Form level Navigation

From any form in the upper left hand corner you can quickly navigate to other records of the same type in one of two ways:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the entity name and select a different record from the last used view (shown above)
  2. Click the up or down blue arrows right past that, and instantly navigate to the next or previous record in the view

This is great when you’re searching for a specific record, and it’s much quickly to just open one and navigate through until you find the correct record then closing and reopening the form over and over.


Merge Records

You found two leads that are obviously duplicates. Do you?

  1. Delete one of them and hope you don’t lose any data
  2. Leave duplicates but rename one of them ZZ-Duplicate DO NOT USE
  3. Select both records and click Merge. Then use the very intuitive “Click-which-side-you-want” UI to merge them together into one record safely and easily.

Answer: 3

Dynamic Marketing Lists

In CRM 4 marketing lists were very powerful but they had one drawback. Once you defined your query you had to rerun the list before you used it to make sure you had the correct people on your list. CRM 2011 introduces dynamic marketing lists, now you can define a query like “All leads that were created this month” and send them a welcome email (shown above), without ever having to change your query your list will always be up-to-date and accurate! Cool!

Excel-ish Filtering

CRM provides many ways to find your data, and even more ways to filter and refine it to quickly find it again. One of the best features for this task is in-line filtering. Any time you see a filter icon (shown above) you can turn the grid of record into a filterable grid very much like excel. Now, by clicking on the column header you can set criteria like City = Redmond (shown above) and quickly get right down to the records you want to work with! If you want to make this really cool, you can save your filtered view by clicking on Views Save As and naming it something like “My Accounts in Redmond”. Now your filters are set for you with just a change of a view, or you can share it with you co-workers just as easily!



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