Get engaged with your users, don’t run a CRM project

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At Zero2Ten we are very passionate about User Adoption. So passionate that I enjoy promoting the notion that you should not run a CRM project; instead you should get engaged with your users! Traditional project methodology is too slow for users who really want to take advantage of what the CRM Online can offer. CRM Online is very robust, so more time is spent in configuration rather than customization. More effort will be on modeling the process and confirming the key data points, than will be needed on requirements definition, user acceptance testing and all that traditional project activity. Conventional project methodology was designed for the technical and custom development efforts. On the other hand, business problem solutions come from iterative ideas and problem solving. Users are comfortable with this approach because it is how they work on their other business issues.

Getting engaged is a much longer investment in time than the project. Projects happen and then you are finished, and you move on.
Engagements endure. Users should understand that CRM requires care and feeding for life. Our job is to provide the leadership of what is needed from the beginning and along the way. Mostly what is needed is solution modeling, process education and plenty of user adoption support. That’s our mission at Zero2Ten. I enjoy this topic and with share more with my blog. Stay tuned…

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