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This week Microsoft started to send out notifications to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers that FantasySalesTeam was ready to be enabled in your CRM Online instance!

Fant image 1

If you haven’t been following this development, FantasySalesTeam is a Sales Gamification Solution that Microsoft acquired in 2015 to bring in as a part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.
There are a few steps that you need to take to get this working in your specific CRM environment, I have summarized the steps below:
1) Log into your Office 365 Portal (you will need to be an Administrator) and navigate to Admin -> CRM

2) Click on the button to the right of “Solutions”, highlight FantasySalesTeam and click on Install

Fant image 2

3) Next go to the FantasySalesTeam site to register:

Fant image 3

4) You will get an Access Code emailed to you. Go back into CRM -> Settings -> Solutions and open up FantasySalesTeam

5) Fill out the form and put in your Access Code in the Registration Code field and when finished click on “Next”

Fant image 4

6) Copy and Paste the Service Account Identifier and Security Token into the two boxes below and click “Setup”
Fant image 5

7) You will then get an email welcoming you and giving you a link to login to FantasySalesTeam to set up

Fant image 6

That is it! You are now ready to setup your teams and start your first Game! Good luck!

David Kohar
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