How Selling is like Running

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After family, friends and running, selling is my other passion. Having been both a runner and a seller for more years than I am willing to admit, I’ve noticed some correlations between the two.

  1. Put in the miles- Sales is not only an art; it’s a science. I like to say that sales people make their own luck. If you put in the miles, the calls, the meetings- then you will be ready on race day. You can’t just go out and run 6 miles on a given day, you build up and train for it so that the conditions on race day are mitigated. In this same way, preparing and training allow you to overcome obstacles in the sales process and sell strong.
  2. Cross training will make you stronger- I’ve always been a big advocate of cross training in sports and professionally. Strength training of your core muscles will make you a better runner. Similarly, a seller can build their core credibility by taking time on the delivery side of what they sell to understand the process, product and service better. You’ll know better what to position as value and create a more seamless delivery experience for your customer and company.
  3. Nutrition counts- Feed your body (protein!) and feed your mind! Today’s buyers are coming to you more knowledgeable than ever before (another blog on that later). You had better be educated and adding value if you want a seat at the table. In that regard, know your business and understand your prospect’s business quickly. Make sure you understand impactful trends and share other customer stories.


  4. Have the right shoes- If you are just getting started-or restarted- with running, go see an expert (in Atlanta, try Big Peach- my favorite) and get a stride evaluation and properly fitted. Likewise, if you are starting-or restarting- with CRM, get advice from an expert. Make sure you are on the right track, with the right shoes, and you’ll have a much more effective run. If you are going to run, make every mile count. If you are going to sell, make every call count.

Whether it’s crossing the finish line of a race or a big deal, if you’ve done these things you’ll be in a better position than 99% of your competitors. Game On! for more CRM or Running Tips

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