How Service Firms can Start Improving Customer Experience

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Customer experience is key to success for services businesses.  Why? Because customer experience is the ultimate brand differentiator. So where do you begin your customer experience transformation?

To begin transforming your customer experience, start by mapping the ‘outside-in’ view of the customer journey to the ‘inside-out’ view of your business management lifecycle. It’s crucial to understand how all customer interactions across web, mobile, social, tele, etc. are working for or against all your firm. This exercise will show you what actions you need to take to improve key touch points and deliver a consistent and superior customer experience. It’s also important to not only identify misalignments between expectations and execution, but to understand why they might be occurring.

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Start asking questions to your current customers such as, “Which experiences are important you?” and “Which experiences or interactions do you perceive as good today?”. Gathering this type of feedback from your customers will help determine which touch points you need to prioritize for improvement.

Firms that ask the right questions and evaluate all touch points across their business are able to modify key processes that ultimately have a big impact on customer experience.

If you are looking for more information on improving customer experience, download this eBook: 3 Tactical Tips to Improve Customer Experience for Professional Service Firms.

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