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When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to track your Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities you will most likely want to send a Prospect or Client a Proposal that contains some of the data that has already been tracked in the Solution.

You can accomplish this by leveraging the Out of the Box Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

To Build a Proposal using Mail Merge for a current Opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your CRM Folders in Outlook and Open up Opportunities

  • Highlight the Opportunity that you want to create the Proposal for and click on “Add” -> Mail Merge in the Ribbon

  • In the Mail Merge Window select:

    • Mail Merge Type
      • Letter
      • Email
      • Fax
      • Envelope
      • Label
    • Start with a:
      • Blank Document – You will start with this the first time you create the mail merge!
      • Organizational mail merge template – Organizational mail merge templates that have already been created.
      • Personal mail merge template – Your own mail merge templates
    • Merge
      • Selected records on current page
      • All records on current page
      • All records on all pages
    • Select data fields (Skip this step if you are using an existing Organizational or Personal Template)
      • This will allow you to select over 60 fields from CRM that will automatically be added to the Proposal
      • Click “OK” once you have selected the fields that you want




  • Click on “Download”
  • Click on “OK” to confirm that you want to mail merge this Opportunity



  • Add in your Proposal Content
  • Add in Merge Fields by Selecting them from the Links on the Right (Address block…More items)

  • Click “Next: Preview your letters”

  • When you like the formatting, click on “Next: Complete the merge
  • Click on File -> Save As to save the document and send it to the customer

  • To upload this Document as a Template in CRM to use next time click on “Upload Template to CRM”
  • Click “Yes” to “Do you want to create a mail merge template?”
  • Fill out the name of your new Template and click “Save and Close”

  • The Template will be saved as a “Personal Template”.
  • To make it available to the organization click on “Actions -> Make Available to Organization”


    Zero2Ten has also created a “1 Click” version of this process called Print2Word.

    Check out this 2 minute video:


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