IIoT is Transforming Manufacturing

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How do you make the most informed business decisions for your organization and incorporate the right technology while using the IT/OT platforms you already have in place? Microsoft provides the tools you need to help you analyze what you’ve been doing, what you’re doing now and what you need to do in the future, to digitize your business: device connectivity and management, data management and insights, advanced analytics and business productivity and process optimization.

Device Connectivity and Management

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite can connect your sensors, devices and equipment to give you better visibility, access and control over your machinery and processes. Use the current equipment you have in place in your plant and out in the field to deliver a new level of management that enables you to reduce operational costs while the Azure IoT Suite ensures your IP is protected.

Business Productivity and Process Optimization

To narrow the gap in manufacturing your team needs insight and recommendations into how to improve operations and better serve your customers embedded in their daily workday. Integrate people, office productivity tools and business processes to drive improvement and transform your customer engagements. Microsoft Dynamics can iteratively develop, test, deploy and scale new business processes that are focused on your customers. Innovate quickly and iterate quickly with business software that can blend with social sentiment and call center data which will drive integrated business workflows across marketing, sales and service to fulfill customer expectations across the shop floor, engineering and your supply chain.

Advanced Analytics

Now it’s time to dive into your data to gain deep insight into the various levels of your operations. With predictive analytics you’ll be able to correlate your diverse data in ways you couldn’t before. You’ll be able to implement new business processes like predictive maintenance to ensure plant, product and process availability for your customers. Cortana Intelligence Suite has state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that can augment and improve your decision-making processes. It can make predictions, proactively alert your team and make actionable recommendations which can help transform your business systems, knowledge bases and published data sources to capture information and better understand your customers.

Data Management and Insights

The Microsoft Analytics Platform System allows you to access your data through on-premises, hybrid, and cloud implementations in easily accessible locations. When you want to deliver the information to all of your teams that need to optimize your company’s operations, supply chain, customer service, engineering, and sales and marketing in a self-service environment, Microsoft’s Power BI can do the job.

These are the tools you need to digitize your business and transform your organization. Download our  Competing in the Digital Age of Manufacturing eBook for more information on how to transform your business.

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