Is “Adoption” really the right measuring stick with respect to CRM Success …. Something to think about.

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Ever since I can remember working in the CRM marketplace, the Phrase “User Adoption” has always been the cornerstone for how organizations frame success. Whether in the sales cycle with a 10 person startup or crafting an ROI assessment for a multi-billion dollar enterprise, User Adoption is the de-facto phrase that management turns to as a must have. But let’s think about what the term “Adoption” really means. “To Adopt” in its most simplistic term means “To use” on a regular basis. Now I think we can all agree that just because a person “uses” a tool or solution does not necessarily mean that that person or his/her organization is getting real value from it. Updating your pipeline in CRM by 5pm on Friday to support the Monday morning sales meeting is much different than the daily use of your platform to better position your organization to accelerate a deals.

So, building upon this concept, it is my assertion that we should be talking more about Empowerment than Adoption. Empowering our users and managers to do more and get more out of their CRM experience occurs when each and every user realizes that they can do their jobs more effectively in the platform than outside of it. It is our perspective at Zero2Ten that this only occurs when there is an ongoing program in place to constantly assess and adjust based on what is happening in the field. Zero2Ten is committed to this premise and in October of 2011, we will be launching a revolutionary program geared solely towards Empowerment and not simply Adoption …. Stay Tuned!


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