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Recently, I watched a TED Talk by Psychologist Kelly McGonigal. I’ve always felt a little bit different than most of the people I know regarding the way I handle stress so I was a little curious about her presentation.


During her presentation she discusses how some people respond better to stress by understanding that the symptoms generated by stress on their bodies is a product of their bodies preparing them to deal with the situation. And when people understand this they can make better decisions, have more confidence, be less anxious, and most importantly they kept their blood vessels relaxed which is the state you see on moments of joy and courage.


The presenter explains that one of the things about stress is that our brains release a neurohypophysial hormone called Oxytocin. This hormone is also known as the “bonding hormone” and along with social effects in our behavior it also causes positive physical effects bringing significant health benefits.


Kelly McGonical explains that this effect is directly connected to stress resilience. Your body is fighting the effects of stress by way of human connections.


The presentation finishes with a study that concluded that people who spent time providing help to others were able to eliminate the effects of stress on their lives.


So when stress brings you down and reduces your life expectancy, helping people will make your body fight back and you will have a longer and better life.


If you have 10-15 minutes today, watch this video, hopefully that will give you a new perspective on stress and you’ll start taking advantage of knowing how your body prepares you to deal with it.


How will you deal with stress?


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