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‘Knowledge Management’ is considered as one of the most important pillars of customer service available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and will help you deliver ‘world class’ customer service to your customers.

Here are 5 key ways Knowledge Management can offer your customers the right data at the right time to solve their problems.

    1. Rich Content authoring – Knowledge management comes with a rich text editor that makes content authoring simple. It also allows advanced features like paste from word, and supports editing the source\HTML code.
    2. Embedded images and Videos – You can now embed videos and images to your knowledge articles. Videos and images are a great visual aid to help describe things better.
    3. Versioning – You can now create versions of a knowledge article. It is possible to create major and minor versions. This allows Knowledge manager to publish earlier versions and simultaneously have the authors work on the new (current) versions.
    4. Translation – Knowledge articles supports translating a knowledge article in 164 languages. It also maintains a link among all translations of an article. Please note that there is no out of box actual content translation that happens with Knowledge article. CRM just marks the article for translation so the knowledge manager can pick all the articles that need to be translated and pass it on to the translation vendors.
    5. Knowledge Management dashboards – There are out of box interactive dashboards for Knowledge Manager (new roles introduced) and Knowledge Author. They provide quick glimpse of knowledge authoring stages.

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