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This year I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to identify the best route forward for each of my clients as they transition from Dynamics CRM Online to Dynamics 365. If you haven’t seen this already, Microsoft has merged its two leading business applications: Dynamics AX (ERP – Financials, Operations) and Dynamics CRM (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service etc.) into a single, overarching proposition – Dynamics 365. Microsoft’s reasoning is to be able to provide immediate access to the areas of functionality required, while giving a clear road map for expansion should you wish to underpin other areas of your organisation in the future. With this in mind, Dynamics 365 provides additional flexibility with licenses focused on the role of the user (E.g. D365 for Sales user, D365 for Customer Service user, Operations user etc.).

If your Dynamics CRM subscription is set for renewal this year you should certainly spend some time evaluating which route is best for you. Dynamics 365 sees a noticeable increase in its pricing as Microsoft looks to position itself in line with the market. Being accurate with how your users are currently interacting with CRM will enable you to minimize the uplift; in some cases my clients have actually managed to reduce their annual spend.

Dynamics 365 – Enterprise Edition

At present, organisations transitioning to Dynamics 365 can only opt for Microsoft’s ‘Enterprise Edition’ which has created some discomfort due to the pricing mentioned above. If your renewal date is set towards the end of 2017 watch for the impending arrival of ‘Business Edition’ which is aimed at organisations of 1-250 users and will provide access to core areas of the solution at substantially lower cost.

If you are renewing before the release of Business Edition you will be able to make use of transitional pricing which will limit the uplift slightly. However, even with this offer a transition from ‘CRM Online Professional’ to ‘Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1’ will see a rise of approximately 60%. The vast majority of businesses using CRM today should be evaluating whether they can use a combination of ‘Dynamics 365 for Sales/Customer Service’ & ‘Team Member’ licenses to cover their needs. Team Member licenses provide a low cost entry for basic CRM functionality & full read-only access to the solution which could be ideal for a number of your users. Now is the perfect time to take stock of how your team is utilizing CRM and whether efficiencies can be made at renewal. This can take some time to sort through so I’d urge anyone renewing in the next few months to begin the process with some to spare.

Whether you are an existing Fullscope client or not please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options, contact us to learn more.

Hugh Houlston
Hugh is an Account Manager and has been working with Dynamics CRM since 2012. He has particular experience working with organisations in professional services, private equity & consulting. Hugh’s chief focus is to look after Fullscope’s existing client base throughout the UK.
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