Next Generation Sales Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A game changing new integration recently announced by Microsoft and LinkedIn,
brings Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator closer than ever
to make the most compelling offer in the CRM market today.

How This Improves Sales


Leverage Signals

See contextual recommendations for the next best action

Introductions facilitated directly through the company’s network


Building Strong Relationships

Grow relationships with existing contacts

Access LinkedIn profile details including photos, current roles and work history


Engage Buyers

Offer tailored content throughout the account lifecycle

Receive account and lead updates including news mentions and job changes

Webinar: Improving Sales with Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Date and Time:
July 12th, 2017 at 11:00am EDT

Join us as we discuss and demonstrate how the new integration between Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn will help salespeople/teams deliver better outcomes.
Using insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn’s 500 million professionals. Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 will dramatically increase the effectiveness of salespeople by tapping into their professional networks and relationships, giving you the ability to improve your pipeline.

Maximize Processes for
Your Industry

As a manufacturer you know that embracing technology is key to your organization’s success. But how can you use the digital technology available to truly transform your organization and become an industry leader? Our Insights for Manufacturer’s Series is designed to do just that.

As a services business, how can you deliver every customer engagement on-time AND within budget? You've got skilled resources, all you need is the technology that helps you manage all aspects of client facing activities from sales through project staffing, project delivery and invoicing.


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