Making CRM and ERP the Cornerstone of Your Manufacturing Technology Platform

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Manufacturing technology solutions should create a chain reaction across multiple departments and facilities. If they do not, you have at best, daisy-chained a number of best-of-breed products together, but reporting is likely to be disconnected and management still will not have the 360⁰ degree view of the business it craves. In the worst case, your business will be running within silos of disconnected data, dependent on point solutions that are not integrated. Any operational efficiencies will be limited.

A platform should be able to host many different arrivals and departures of goods, traffic and customer journeys. A business platform should do the same, seamlessly, without separating the solutions that need to be your core business engine from production and customer-facing interactions.

Jeremy Cox, principal analyst of enterprise solutions software at Ovum Research, feels that CRM and ERP allow organizations to respond rapidly to changes in customer demand and adapt to the right frequency to remain relevant to their customers.

“Continuous, timely and relevant innovation is the hallmark of such an organization,” Cox says. “Any transformational vision… requires a portfolio of applications that work seamlessly together to enable anyone in contact with the customer to deliver context-aware, relevant information.”

For more, read this white paper to learn why CRM and ERP can be the cornerstone of any business platform where supply chain and complete customer insight allows for agile success, by retaining, repeating and growing revenues.

Alison Parker
Alison has a strong background in project management, giving her the ability to really understand her customer’s business. With over 20 years dedicated to customer success through technologies like CRM, she brings both technical and analytical skills to help customers structure their business objectives into actionable outcomes.
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