3 Manufacturing Efficiency Secrets: Lead Management and Forecasting Accuracy

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Secret 1 – Automate

Immediate response to leads is critical. Automating lead management maximizes efficiency and adds incredible value in lead management. It directs inquiries to the team members, whether by product specialty or geography, and notifies them in real time to prompt immediate action. Leads are also qualified more effectively by applying established best practice and business rules to ensure consistent and objective handling. Combining this with customer purchasing and quotation data, the focus of the sales team can be directed to customers and prospects with the greatest potential yield. This is essential in determining how you direct your budgets.

Secret 2 – Move from reactive to proactive

Strong forecasting and opportunity management capabilities put sales teams on the front foot for customer engagements, empowering them to lead and be proactive, not just to respond and react. This is a far more rewarding stance, shifting the emphasis from traditional salesman to trusted advisor, using account intelligence to approach customers with product and service proposals that will meet emerging needs or support fluctuations in their production forecasts.

Secret 3 – Apply the knowledge

Of course, feeding this information back into the materials and manufacturing process as early as possible is a major advantage. This is especially true from an operational viewpoint, given the increasing globalization and complexity of supply chains. CRM is a vital tool for channel management as a means to better understand the dynamics, nurture relationships and exert far-reaching influence. For example, by modelling these multi-touch relationships you may pinpoint the vital information needed to secure specification in a finished product, despite being several steps back in the value chain. Such orders can be of very high volume and immense value.

Automating lead management, a proactive forecasting approach and leveraging technology to apply your vast knowledge drives efficiency (and ultimately increased profit!). For more insights, see how Microsoft Dynamics could also be the game changer in for you by downloading the From Factory Gate to Marketplace whitepaper.

Jennifer Alspach
Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.
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