Mass Update CRM Records

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One of my customers asked today about updating a batch of Company information such as phone numbers, number of employees, and annual revenue in their database. He smartly wanted to know how to mass update this information rather than key in everything manually. Who has time for that?!

The easiest way to update data where you’ll need to provide different values for several records is an export to Excel.

  1. I recommend setting up a View with all the columns you need (phone number, number of employees, etc).
  2. Remember to check the “Make this Data Available for Reimport-ing” box.
  3. You can then use the easy manipulation in Excel to update the info, and ultimately reimport to mass update existing records.
  4. If you need help on the actual Data Import best practices, refer to our video for a refresher here.

Note you can also Bulk Edit records within CRM where you’d be adjusting all the records to have the same value (i.e. Sales Stage = Most Likely).

Happy CRM’ing!

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