Microsoft CRM and Social Media

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Microsoft CRM and Social Media is a powerful combination! I recently received a website lead via a lead workflow email notification.

I grabbed our Lead form that had been automatically created in CRM and checked out the LinkedIn integration first.

From the LinkedIN Profile, I was able to see this person was a Siebel Consultant for a large healthcare technology company, and now I knew he was interested in Dynamics CRM. Next, I leveraged our integration to see what his interest on our website had been and his Lead Score.

Finally, I drilled down into his web visit to see the details of his visit and where he spent the most time on our site.

Armed with the knowledge this was a HIGHLY qualified lead, I immediately called into the Lead and identified a HUGE opportunity with several potential solutions that we could assist this company with and we are well onto our way of adding a great new customer to the family!

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