Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Help doesn’t work after Internet Facing Deployment

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CRM 2011 help doesn’t work after IFD has been enabled?

Here is the scenario: You complete the installation of CRM 2011 On-Prem on a Server and proceed to enable Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) on that server to make it available for users coming from the outside of the network without having to connect via VPN or any other means. You successfully deploy IFD and the users can access CRM 2011 (via HTTPS) just fine.

Let’s just say that after your successful deployment of IFD your server details are:

Internal (Original) URL for Web Application Access = http://crm -> Internal DNS Server Resolves the Host name to Internal IP Address (I.E.

External IFD Configured URL for Web Application Access = -> External DNS Servers Resolve the URL to External IP Address (I.E.

The problem comes when the users click on “Help”:

Help is an internal Website within the CRM Application that defaults to the original (I.E. http://crm/help/default.aspx) CRM website and does not get translated with the IFD URL (I.E. you have configured, by default.

Here is what the users accessing CRM 2011 through IFD see:

And here is what users accessing CRM 2011 internally see:

To ensure that all users have CRM 2011 Help access you need to edit your internal “Help” URL to adapt to any type of access either Internal or External. Here are the steps:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator on the CRM server, Run the Windows PowerShell as an Administrator.


  2. Once the Windows PowerShell Loads type:
    1. $websetting = Get-CrmSetting WebAddressSettings
    2. $websetting.HelpServerUrl = “”
    3. Set-CrmSetting $websetting

  3. After these commands are executed, users would have to log back into CRM to be able to load the changes.

Good Luck!

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