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There are plenty of pages, videos and blog posts defining Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any other Customer Relationship Management system for that matter, from the point of view of the vendor. But have you ever stopped to think how a customer or user defines it?

One of our customers recently decided to handle all Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 End User training internally (documentation, training, quick reference guides, etc.). Lance Perkins, VP Marketing at BSN medical, Inc. took the challenge and put those ‘business writer’ muscles to work. The result was an awesome 98-page End User guide that begins with a definition of ‘CRM’.

I wanted to share this with the community as we rarely get to see how a customer defines ‘CRM’. Enjoy:

“The literal translation for the CRM acronym is ‘Customer Relationship Management.’ However, this translation does not do CRM justice, so it is better to think of CRM as a much broader business concept. The concept of CRM is one founded on the principle that organizational performance can be optimized through the effective execution of customer-facing operations, and more specifically, the management of sales and marketing customer-focused responsibilities. Ultimately, a strong organizational competency within CRM can make a significant contribution to a company’s achievement of both short- and long-term financial performance objectives.

As important, organizational adoption of a CRM system also yields numerous noteworthy benefits to its field-based end-users. These end-user benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping prioritize ever-evolving field activities
  • Maximizing face-to-face selling time
  • Facilitating real-time, fact-based decision-making
  • Eliminating redundant reporting requirements
  • Providing a single source for all important customer information
  • Streamlining new hire on-boarding
  • Fostering a customer-oriented culture”


How do you define CRM?


Follow Lance Perkins, @GusGonzalez2 and @Zero2TenCRM on Twitter and let us know what you think.


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