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Recent studies highlight the importance of delivering exceptional customer service and the need to leverage leading customer service software. Results show an increase in customer expectations, including the desire to have access to multiple customer service channels for engaging with vendors to get issues resolved quickly. With the right customer service software you’ll be able to deliver exceptional customer service.

More Customer Service Channels

customer service software - more channelsFor most customers, the first step when seeking customer service is to go online to locate the various customer service options available. With 89% taking this action, 38% of them are using a smartphone for this search at least half of the time highlighting the need for a mobile menu or app.  Using customer service software can deliver these multiple channels.1

Easy to Find Customer Service

customer service software - easy to findOf those surveyed, 79% of respondents want customer service that is easy to find and obtain. Of those, 70% prefer immediate access to a self-service method. With the right customer service software you’ll be able to measure efficacy of the various ways people find and use your customer service channels. 1

Better Customer Service Representatives

customer service software - better repsWith phone being the overall preferred method of contact at 43%2, results show that 67% of customers would like Customer Services Representatives to receive better training and have more knowledge about company offerings and policies. Having easy-to-use customer service software is important for continuous training and development f your customer service staff.1

Proactive Customer Service Approach

customer service software - proactive approachToday, customers don’t want to be left behind. They prefer a proactive customer service approach as 83% reporting the desire for customized news about pending changes, new offerings and upcoming renewals. Again, utilizing the right customer service software will allow you to deliver a more proactive approach.3

Parature Delivers

Microsoft’s customer service software, Parature greatly improves customer service effectiveness before, during and after purchase. By implementing proven processes and leveraging award-winning technology, users are able to strengthen brand loyalty, reduce time when resolving issues, improve satisfaction levels and increase revenue through retention and referrals.

For more than a decade Parature has been a leader in Customer Service Software. With Parature customer service software, clients can leverage cloud-based, multi-channel customer service software solutions allowing for incredible customer service experiences. Some of Parature’s more popular modules include:

  • Parature Chat – Proactively engage online in real-time with prospects and customers. Chat capabilities are a must have in any modern customer service software.
  • Parature Facebook Portal – Industry-first customer service software platform for Facebook. Provides 24/7 social media self-service customer support and gives you the power to provide followers with exclusive announcements, strengthen your brand loyalty and increase customer retention rates.
  • Parature Knowledgebase – Powerful and flexible solution for providing 24/7 access to answers and information, such as brochures, forms, how-to videos, and FAQs. No many customer service software have this.
  • Parature Ticket – Online ticketing system to track, route and resolve customer support issues. Without a cross-channel ticketing capability you really don’t have a true customer service software in place.

To discuss how Parature customer service software can work for your organization contact us and request to speak with one of our experts. We’ll be happy to hear about your current customer services software, your challenges and your plans and help you select the configuration and set of modules that will work best for your organization so you too can deliver exceptional customer service.

1 – Accenture/, Jan 2014

2 – 2014 State of Multichannel Customer Service Survey, Parature – April 2014

3 – Forrester, Jan 2013

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