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At Fullscope, we are highly focused on ensuring user adoption in our Dynamics 365 implementations.  So much so, that as part of every project we create a User Adoption dashboard within the D365 CRM solution so that the Core team can gain insights into which of their users are successfully embracing the solution and those who need additional support.

We were therefore delighted when Microsoft recently released a new app for Dynamics 365 called Organization Insights.  Organization Insights is an out of the box solution that gives you metrics around the adoption and use of your Dynamics 365 solution but also provides you with tools to help you proactively address any performance and support issues.

Organization Insights allows you to do the following:     

  • Create customized dashboards to see snapshots of your most important use data
  • Identify the most active users
  • Identify what your users are doing
  • Identify the most used entities, workflows and plugins
  • Monitor storage quotas and storage use

Installing Organization Insights

To install Organization Insights, navigate to AppSource from within your CRM environment. 

Click on ‘Get more apps’ at the bottom of the Dynamics 365 drop down menu







You can then choose ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Organization Insights from the available apps.




Navigate to your Dynamics 365 Admin Centre and select ‘Solutions.


You’ll now see the Organization Insights solution in your list of available solutions.  Simply click on ‘Install’ and you will soon have access to the Organization Insights capability.

To access Organization Insights in your D365 Customer Engagement environment, navigate to Settings > Organization Insights:

You now have access to the Dashboard that will give you an insight into how your users are using your customer engagement environment.

Using Organization Insights

Organization Insights comprises a number of dashboards on the left hand side of the screen and some options to customise them on the top right hand side.

Use the customisation tools to make changes to the dashboards so that you can see the information that is most important to your organization:

  • View data from different data and time periods.                  
  • Edit, Save and Add dashboards
  • Move and resize charts
  • Export data to Excel
  • Reset to default

The dashboards available are:


This is the default dashboard that gives you a summary of the number of active users, storage usage and the most active workflows.

Active Usage

This dashboard shows you how many users there are, how many licenses are being used and which custom entities are used most.  This information is great for showing you which users are actually using CRM and which users aren’t.  You can then schedule additional training based on these results in order to increase the usage levels and meet your user adoption goals.

System Jobs

This dashboard enables you to monitor and troubleshoot workflows.  This gives you the ability to drill down and see what caused a workflow error so that can quickly troubleshoot the problem and ensure the user’s experience is not disrupted again.

Plug Ins

This dashboard enables you to monitor and troubleshoot plug‐ins


This dashboard enables you to look at storage used by your CRM environment

API Call Statistics

This dashboard enables you to monitor and troubleshoot API calls

Mailbox Usage

This dashboard enables you to monitor email mailbox usage


This dashboard enables you to download the data for a given date range into an Excel spreadsheet

The Organization Insights solution for Dynamics 365 gives you information about usage, activity and quality of service which means that you can increase user adoption and spend less time on support calls.

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