Deliver the CRM Business Objectives you desire, company-wide and fully adopted

Having all of your users Adopt your CRM platform is not something that just happens.

We built Adopt2Win to deliver a proactive post-implementation service of knowledge, training and support to ensure your solution delivers on all the expectations of your users and executives from day one. This process ensures that you will achieve your Business Outcomes and are able to adapt as the business requirement expands.

  • CRM has made it easier for my team to prioritize where to spend their time. Adoption was critical and now we have everyone using CRM in the sales organization, we keep adding new capabilities to help the team be more productive. We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it would be the most intuitive solution for our team to adopt. We selected Fullscope because we wanted a partner who would ensure that we stay focused on how to leverage CRM to make our team more productive, not just come in and implement features we thought we wanted.

    Brian Moriarty
    Brian Moriarty General Cable

Ensuring Business Outcome success

The Adopt2Win Program includes a mix of services to ensure your organization is tracking towards the shared Business Outcomes that were established from the onset:

  • Shared Community of our entire Adopt2Win customer base for collaboration
  • Inventory of training and advisory videos for your consumption
  • User Adoption Dashboard to track progress
  • Monthly Adoption Assurance meetings facilitated by your Adopt2Win Representative
  • Semi-Annual Business Outcome sessions with your project sponsors
  • Adopt2Win Portal for requesting and streamlining support incidents and requests for advisory assistance
  • Upgrade Assurance to guarantee your deployment is smoothly transitioned as the Microsoft CRM platform advances through future upgrades

Adopt2Win offers a range of success factors

  • Proven recipe for success – Our Adopt2Win Programs provide all of the tools and processes that we have built to ensure your solution will deliver the results you are looking for. The combination of services and suggested cadence of sessions to ensure your field teams and executives stay focused on achieving the results everyone expects.
  • Measurement and flexibility – A framework for you to measure success and evolve your CRM solution along with your changing business needs.
  • Variety – A combination of training, coaching and proactive support that ensures your CRM team can quickly enhance their knowledge and skills and take ownership.

    From Factory Gate to Marketplace - Making CRM and ERP the cornerstone of your business platform for agile success.

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    O'Neal Steel implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and quickly realized significant ROI. Increased growth and reduced response times were just the beginning.

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